Dear Diary

I’ve once read an entry

From a journal far far away

He wrote about somebody

Who could do anything but stay

On that paper he wrote

That she had a long beautiful hair

And her eyes just sparkle

In the morning light’s glare

On the white sheet he also said

That they were having another human

A baby, that’s what they call it

And said they’d name her Susan.

What a pretty little baby

Susan has been, he said.

She is almost five now,

A little girl free of dread.


He said on the piece of paper

That he’s taking good care of her

As a parent is to a child

As a father to his daughter.

Oh, it was a wonderful story

That journal I read contained.

They were in love that was more than love

But there’s something they cannot retain.

Five years has past

When she left him on his own

Baby Susan is what she left him

Five years and now, she’s grown

Every detail of Susan

Reminds him of the woman he loved

Her hair, her eyes

And the same little smile.

And that’s how he ended his entry.

Yes, with a little smile

With eyes full of love

And a permanent goodbye.



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