Dear Depression

Sun, 01/21/2018 - 23:16 -- JJBane

Dear Depression,

Yes, I am fully aware that you're here.

I know that you are always by my side,

But for Godsake please be a little more shy.

For every second that I think

You've always been inside my mind.

The constant, nagging feeling...

Please just go away.

Dear Depression,

No one knew that you existed.

At least they didn't know you existed inside of me.

I cried and cried for hours because of you

And all you did was put me in the hospital.

With a tear stained face and blood shot eyes,

The blood dripped to the floor.

You laughed and smiled with those perfect eyes;

Those eyes that I wanted once before.

You tried and tried to kill any life inside of me,

But you've failed so many times.

How are you still here and fighting inside of me when I've always pushed you away?

Dear Depression, 

I know this isn't the last of you,

Nor do I expect you to ever go away.

I know that your heart beat is mine,

But mine will never sway.

I will finally embrace you,

I'll hold you,

I'll let you know that you can't win.

It is not possible to extinguish you,

But I know that I can't let you win.

So dear Depression,

Please go away.

Because unlike what you believe,

I do not need you to live every day of my life for me.


Your host

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I do take criticism very well, but if you feel the need to just bash this poem because you feel hatred or insecure, please exit stage right.

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