Dear Death

Dear Death,

Why are you so unpredictable? You can strike with little-to-no warning,

or you can lay dormant for years. You'll wait in the shadows until something

provokes you to come out. What's worse is that you can't be tricked. People have

tried to escape your grasp before, but they always lose. Eventually they will always 

fall for your tricks and they'll never come back to the living. So what's your secret? 

are you just too persuasive for anyone to say no? Another thing, what happens after

you trick people into coming with you? Do they really go to Heaven or Hell? Do they

vanish into nothing and they're left with nothing but a black void? Do they become

ghosts or spirits, left to rome the earth for all eternity? Perhaps all this is what scares 

me most about you Death, you're practically a mystery. I don't know anything about you,

but you still show up everywhere all over the world no matter how important someone

may be, you'll always show up eventually.


Sincerely,  Destiny M.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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