Dear Daddy

Life is not giving us all that we need

It’s sometimes hard and difficult…

I'm asking myself 

What would my life be If he was here?

It’s question without answer

Because he is not on my side

Father, when I was young

You promised me that you will always be here near me

But Unfortunately,

You couldn't keep this promise, you broke it

And now, my heart is broken into thousand pieces…

I remember every moment passing with you

I don't know you well And I don't know why left us

Because I was so young to know the truth

But, you are always in my heart

In my dreams, in my mind

I always think about you

Worried about you

I ask myself …. Is he fine? Does he eat?

Does he sleep with a good conscience?

All this questions are in my mind,

Despite all this things

I learned to live without you It’s a challenge for me

Now, your absence becomes a habit 9 years without you, it’s a long period…

In which I suffered too much

But, I was and I still strong because it’s destiny

We can't change it, we have no choice

I ask God to protect you And make you happy in your life…

Father, I have so many words to tell you but I can't

Then I decide to write, I write to talk about my pains

Because I'm not a person who shows her pains

I write to tell you

How much I miss you

How much I want to be in your arms and tell you

I love you, dady

I'm not able to speak

When I speak about you, I have always tears in my eyes….

And I don't like when someone see me crying

I'm a sensitive person but I don't show it

Because people will take it as a weakness

So, I prefer being silent despite my misfortunes,my pain

I always smile because God is always here on my side

And, I hope that we will be together in his Heaven


This poem is about: 
My family



I can relate 100% great poem. 

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