Dear Dad


Funny how I imagined my life better if you were in it.

My letter to you I can't complete a single sentence.

I hope you're happy with me here, cause your new family seems to hate me.

Iv've tried to make things clear for you.

I missed you and all my words are true.

It's been hell not having you.

You should'ne been there when I needed you too.

Because your absence was part of the calateral damage.

I've broken my care package.

"If I see it then I'll believe it" Words said by you.

Do you not see the scars on my arm?

Or do you chose not to? We both know they're  there.

After six attemps I'm still here.

Let me explain things one more time.

Dear Dad here's what's on my mind..

Guide that inspired this poem: 


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

it's unfortunate that your earthly father hasn't the very best person

but you have a Heavenly Father that loves you for you

He'll never leave nor forsaken you

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