Dear Dad

Dear Dad

In the morning I hear your shoes

While you walk around the kitchen making food

When I get out of bed I realize its just the News

On the television and it suddenly lessens my mood.

I figure you must have left for work

It is an early Monday morning

You probably had a lot of paperwork

Or maybe got a business call forewarning.

I go to school and get through the day

Still haven't heard from you at all

I come home to an empty house

Only to wonder, Where was your call?

I open our texting conversation

And begin to wonder why the last text was from last year

I read the texts and feel a sense of frustration

As the realization starts to hit I can feel a tear

Drip down my cheek and hit the floor

As I realize you are not here anymore.

I miss you Dad I hope Heaven is great

Life without you is hard

But to you, this poem, I dedicate.


This poem is about: 
My family


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