Dear Christian

Dear Christian,

I try not to cry as I say goodbye.

Perhaps before we meet next I'll die

Or maybe you will forget about us.

I blame the rat for leaving with a cuss.

The lack of you leaves holed my center core.

You're on my mind when I look from the shore.

I cannot form a hate goodbye on my lips

Despite you caused my heart the rips.

Maybe the future brings our paths cross

Perhaps then I will not feel this grave loss.

The raging monster inside will be gone,

Time at last will alleviate your wrong,

Just as a bandage heals an open wound.

When that day comes I will be more attuned.

And this time I will listen to my brain 

and run from the potential pain.

So maybe there is a good in goodbye

For now my spirits will touch the blue sky.

Is this another broken hearted poem? 

Or maybe healing victim's low hum?





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