Dear Child


Dear Child,

Hear I am, looking down at you; waiting for you to talk  (acknowledge) me; wondering why you're ignoring me

My Dear Child,

I see you're in pain, but you dont want(my) me (to) help
I see you aching and I see you longing for me, but you dont want anything to do with me
I watch you everyday as you throw away the wonderful life I gave you.; crying to see my beautiful child behave this way
I wait for you to reach out to me so I can help, but to you I'm just a waste of time

My Dear Beloved Child,

you want to come back, I [can] see it in your eyes( and actions)
I urge you little by little, hoping you'd understand, but you ignore me
you ache & i want to show you my undying love for you, but you don't want anything to do with me
I weep as you fade away from me into the 'word'
it hurts to see my precious child suffer like this
aching & hurting
full of hate and mad at the world,
confused & upset
broken hearted & alone
but I can't do anything but watch and wait; hoping you'll see that I love you  and'll be waiting for your return



as parents they never really know what we go through for them i love my lil man he is my world and go to hell and back but in the end how we raise them its up to them to listen and do whats needed to make their own future thank u so much beautiful write

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