"Dear Bully"

I may not know you; yet I know

These hurts are not your own--

But resealed boxes full of words

Somebody else has thrown.


I imagine you were worried

At these new acidic thoughts--

How its poison wove into your brain

And tied it into knots.


Maybe you fought for freedom,

But those words had found the reins--

And, too soon, were made a prisoner

Ordered 'round for their own gains.


I may not know you; yet I know

That living life is hard--

And to prove that you're not vulnerable,

You try to keep your guard.


Look, I don't even know you,

Still I know that this is true--

That the shield-like fronts you trust

Are walls that secretly confine you.


And after venom-ridden thoughts

Have infested your brain,

They search to find another soul

In whom to spread their pain.


You passed the box to me

With angsty termites in your eyes--

Yet I saw what they were feasting on,

A soul that ached and cried.


I knew then it was you

Who needed rescue, and not me--

Someone to burn the boxes,

Break the walls, and calm the sea.


'Cause I was just like you

Until I trusted in a Dove--

He burned the boxes, broke the walls,

Consumed me with His love.


And as far as all the storms in life,

He's always been my calm--

And you'll have no need to bully,

Once you're safe inside His arms.


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