Dear Broken One

Dear Olivia,

October 13, 2017, I tried to keep it all together

Struggling to keep my eyes open, I tried to make you remember

The great times we had, yet why couldn’t you see them?

It's like you completely forgot, its like I shot my shot through a Dm

You said you needed space, I gave you that and much more

Wanted to treat you like a princess, in yet I was “too poor”

Not physically poor, yet emotionally, I gave you my all even though it was tough

Yet what can you say when someone wants to leave because your “all” wasn’t...enough?

I’ll take my shattered heart and grant you your final wish

I’ll leave you alone and hope that you’ll find bliss


Because I love you

I will do exactly what you want me to do

Because until the very end I wish for only your happiness

To never be overwhelmed by the worlds crappiness

You deserve the world and so much more

I’m sorry I wasn’t enough, I’m sorry I was too poor

I hope you know that, I tried my very bestest

I thought of you every day and night, always unrested

Because you gave me life like no other

Because I only had eyes for you and not another

Because I love you


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