Dear Angie

Dear Angie, 

As much as someone could long for a lifestyle like yours, 

what I long for is great spirit, you manage to be one of the most kind people I never 

got the opportunity to know, all the stories I hear about you, how outgoing and

loving you were. I am lucky enough to hear about how kind you are from people 

who got to meet you. You are someone I’ll always look up to, and I wish I 

had the ability to touch people’s lives the way you did when you were alive.

My favorite story is the one about you is one your mother tells when we talk about

you is when you were in the 9th grade, and you made it your goal to be well known

which you ended up being one of the most popular students in your grade. You went out of your

way to influence people in the best way you could, which I hope they greatly appreciated as

I wish I could have.

 You would have been older now, forty-seven, I believe. I may have never gotten the chance to 

meet you, but all the stories told as I sit at your mother’s dinner table almost make me feel

as if I knew you. Everything I’m told about you, influences who I am, I just hope I make you 



your niece, Debra

This poem is about: 
My family


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