The Deal with Death

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 03:56 -- LeeLee

The light grows dim;
Darkness surrounds me.
I gasp for breath.
This desperate feeling overwhelms me.

I do all I can.
I struggle with Death and his hold.
Tears fill my eyes.
My body is filled with pain and cold.

My hearts broken and bleeding;
I don't know what to do.
I close my eyes;
I can face Death but I can't face you.

I hear the wailing,
The sounds I can't shut out.
I feel the pain;
I'm falling apart with doubt.

I beg and plead,
There's nothing I can do.
I grovel on my knees with Death,
Not for myself but for you.

Death has already taken so many
And now wants to steal you
My friend, my other half,
My love, I will not lose you.

Your breathing is hard.
I can feel you slipping away.
By all accounts your not
Expected to last till the next day.

I will not surrender;
I will not let you go.
Death must be paid,
I, not you, will pay him though.

I will give my life for you;
You will have to be strong.
Accept my last gift of love;
Take it and carry on.

I make the deal with Death,
I see the light brighten your eyes.
I start to grow weak and pale,
Your life comes back as mine dies.

I smile as I see you the last time;
And with my last breath,
Whisper "I love you,"
Then leave you to go with Death.

Don't cry for me;
We will meet again.
I'll wait for you in heaven,
Remember me until then.


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