A Deadly Depression


I see your pretty face

A guise for hidden lies

I know the pain you feel

That hurt within your eyes


Not many understand

And most don't want to know

The secrets of depression

They think it's all for show


"You're sad? So what? Get happy."

"You're not the only one who cries."

"Stop being so dramatic."

"You don't really want to die."


Then others want to guilt you

As if you are to blame

They plead for your lost sanity

Dowsing you with shame


"Where did we go wrong?"

"You were such a happy kid..."

"Promise me you'll stop this."

"Is it something that we did?"


They tell you that you're broken

And treat you like you're dead

Society doesn't want you

Keep your sadness in your head


You're forced to fake a smile

Thinking you won't be missed

You face the world alone

As life bleeds from your wrists


So here I stand by your side

True friends "through thick and thin"

A casket of pale beauty

I'll see you soon again


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