Dead on One's Feet

I wish to tell a tall tantalizing tale

Of when mischief misery came sneakingly stale

The heart of a unstable hungry person hang pale

And the naive nest of the heart was nastyingly nailed


To soon find the antagonizing angry anguish

That could no longer take the lashing languish

Words were violently and sensuously slung of sinful language

That should never be wickedly whispered and that’d rather be vanquished


The meek and mocking hole endlessly entrapped its meer soul

To ignore absolute highest haunting social control

To them so clumsily that they do not recognize the revolting corrupt cold

And the wayward slander thrown woefully ahold


The mind could not grasp the gruesome ghastly truth

That  so subsequently speaking it went through the raging roof

And such became belligerently came apathetically aloof

That one’s oppressive meaningful mind was to provide with pure proof


One’s willful wondrous spirit grew grotesquely weary

And the colorful voluptuous vibrant world came too dastardly dreary

But the lugubrious low life assailant dares to make the morrow soul leary

Why does that frigid foul animosity strikes significantly so in sneering series?


The innocent soul can take so much pulverizing spiralling pain

And soon to feel so feebly unrighteously unruiningly disdained

That all the meritorious milestones are tediously torn maliciously by humane

So after all the severed sickening savaged demented mass of disabled people drove it insane


No more it pleaded quite pathetically and poorly

Trapped treacherous doors dangled before it insipidly and deplorably

What for? It cried and clamored injuriously to immensely  implore

Send for an anchor towards its adverse abysmal hollow hurting soul offshore


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My community
My country
Our world
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