Dead Dreaming


I wake up . Am I alive ?

I was sleeping or was I ? feeling the rush of the when as I took that dive off the top of the building.

What can I do . Fly , Im human or am I? The feeling of that cold air hitting my face like a ton of knives stabbing me as i fell .

Hell . Thats where I am right? Heaven? Im taking a flight

Im still dreaming aren't I , Where am I , where is everyone . Lost and confused 

My once pure and innocent heart is not abused by the cruelty of the world , im a good girl.

I didnt make the choice to be created , in this world without parents.

Hated , still i rise with not a hint of fear in my eyes . Chill Ayanna .

Im only Dreaming or am I.

Im dead . Gone . I see the people but do they see me , am I free now . POW

 BANG ! . my body hit the ground . Im up . Gasping grabbing the covers , in a cold sweat , looking around in the dark, the feet raising in my heart

Somebody is here but where , i just died or am i still alive . this can't be

See i was just dead dreaming , its a scary sight waking up in the middle of the night that maybe ..

No this is reality just the other day somebody told me I was a crack baby.

Its deeper than you think , i watch the world around as I sink in to the concrete . six feet deep.

Soon a flower will bloom . whom shall that be .


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Very nice!

Cloudnine Fairmane c9fm

Bring it alive girl, stay tall in all. Don't give it all. Hold on & be strong against all odd !

Cloudnine Fairmane c9fm

Powerful poetry !

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