The Dead and Forgotten Sharks


United States
34° 7' 41.0736" N, 84° 26' 55.5792" W

People forget about any shark
They don't see the difference that's so stark
They run and scream in fear
When they should be holding them dear
They don't see what sharks go through
The ones that do are so few
Everybody sees the whales but nobody sees the sharks
People hear about sharks like they hear a silent dog that barks
Many sharks extinctions are on the brink
Even when they're all gone a lot of peoples hearts won't sink
Some people say that sharks taste good
While others like me sit back and brood
The Chinese and North Japanese won't care about them then
They'll only care when they don't get a fin
That soup they put that sad fin in
The fin doesn't do much except sit in
The deaths of these sharks are shameful
But others think it's beautiful
They sink to the bottom of the ocean floor
To see the distance from the sea level grow more and more
They drown just like any human would do
But most humans are hard to convince to care about them too


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