Days on Days

As the days pass,

each one harder than the last, 

Not a single day passes,

in which my mind relaxes,

You're running through it all day,

my throat still clenches,

before every word I say.

I wish I would have known before,

that you would influence my life in such a way.


With all the sleep I've begun to lack,

and all the things I wish I could take back,

my mind has begun to deteriorate,

I wish I could start over with a clean slate.


I know you're here,

but it's not the same,

I wish I could hold you near,

even though I know I'm not to blame,

the feelings still fill my mind with fear.

The warm tears upon my cheeks,

my makeup still smears,

over the passing weeks.


I think of the future,

and think of what could be,

I think of the past,

and everything you've done for me.

No matter what,

my heart still aches,

my hand still shakes,

and the tears still flow.

This poem is about: 
My family


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