Days Like This

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Put Yourself in their position

is what I tell myself

Every Time I'm Feeling Bad

Because I Want To Help

Feeling Thinking That I'm Happy

When I Know I'm Not

I'm Not Getting Any Younger

I Fall When Things Get Hot

Want to do So Much 

Trying To Grow Up Fast

Picking Choosing Jobs

To Help Make This Cash

I'm On The Road

I Got a Heavy Load

Of Memories and Tragedies

And Looking For a Remedy

To Ease The Pain

To Take the Stress Away

I Found Some Hidden Talents

I try To Use them Everyday

It's Not enough

I'm Not seeing much Change

I'm Stuck in a Position

Where I see the Sun and think of Rain

It Puts me Down

I Get Lost in my Dreams

That's the only Time I'm Winning

When I Wake up

I just want to Scream

A Condition 

It's a Sickness

And I'm Trying to make a Difference

The First Step Is Just To Listen

Just Listen...



Ears Plugged Heads Up 

Listenening To What I am Saying

You Might not be Feeling the Same

I Really Don't Know Who to Blame

But I am Just One Man

And There is A lot of You

So What Am I Going to Do

I'm Going to Find a way to Move

I'll be Fighting Hard

Until The End of Time

Until Then I will Write these Rhymes

They Keep Me Sane and Dreams Alive

I Hope for the Best 

Dont Ever Dont No

Don't Breathe No Stress

Inhale the positive Vibes You Get and You'll Feel Blessed

Now I'm Not Saying that this thing Here wil be Easy

Days Like This Wont Go Away

Until You Can See Me

Believe Me

I did it

What did He Say

I'll Be Waiting For The Day You Can Hear Me

I guess it's Normal to be Feeling Low but

Sometimes I Just Cant Take it 

So I Lay and Close My Eyes

So I can Dream

I Can Just be Me


Being Exactly Where I Want to Be...



History is History

Who Are You is a Mystery

Dig inside of Your Soul

Until You Find What is Meant to Be

It's Not Easy

Please Believe Me

Everyone Starts at the Bottom but

Why does my Mind have to be Tricking Me

Putting Me Down

Moping Around

This feeling cant Fake it Just Look At the Frown

Painted on my Face

Something is Wrong

Something is Missing Can't leave it Alone

So what am I going to Do

What am I suppose to Do

Just give me a Pen

The Pen is my Friend

Thankyou for writing the Truth

The Truth is that I'm not Yet content with Everything I see and How I'm Living

Sorry for Wasting Time

I need to get Back on my Grind

I hope that One Day I could be Forgiven

So until then I'm going to Take it Day by Day and

One Day Maybe it Will Get Better

All the Mistakes I made I Know that they wont Go Away

I Know that I will Make some More

I'll Learn and Have my Better Days...







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