Daydreaming Before I Sleep

Fri, 11/25/2016 - 13:50 -- gamer23

I love the feeling of warm water on my skin.

I hate the feeling of sand between my toes.


I love warm clothing out of the dryer,

But MAN do I HATE doing laundry!


I love drinking coffee,

But I hate having to drink it black without anything extra;

I love sweet things too much.


I love driving.

I hate driving near people who—



I love pictures of nature, 

Especially on hiking adventures;

I hate pictures with sorority squats or too many filters.

Oh wait,

Guilty as charged with the squats.


I love the season of fall;

I hate picking up after trees.

I was taught to clean up my own messes;

Can’t they do it themselves?


I love working,

But I hate being too busy.


I love the feeling of a book in my hand,

I hate the space it takes up on a shelf.


I love writing.

Bad grammar, I hate. 

The dark side I sense in you! 



I also hate getting writer’s block. 

I love getting an inspiration for a poem—

Aaaaand it’s gone.



I love talking to people;

I hate when I have to do most of the talking.


I love laughing with friends

About things others would find nonsensical.

But I hate laughing to the point of crying,

Because then I’m apparently “crying” and not “laughing.” 


I love listening to music,

But I hate switching stations on the radio

To find good music.


I love reminiscing about life,

But I hate thinking about when I was around thirteen.

Middle school was an awkward time, 


Can we please not talk about it?


I love sleeping when the day is done.

I hate the time as I drift into sleep

When I am forced to do nothing but think,

And I end up thinking about all the things 

That I try so hard to forget.

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