Those very loud, noisy dreams That keep haunting meThey play with my very own mindThey hurt me Who told them to come in?Me I did itI was fooledThey keep doing their fake advertisingThey keep making me cry sour syrup And glittering riversThey put me on bright fire Just because I want them to become nothing more Nothing lessThan a very bright, correct reality Planning my bizarre futureTelling me how I will beMaking me hallucinateA non existent reality They play their cords loud They resonate through my thoughtsTake over my innocent soulWith their very own powerStronger than an oceanThey bury me in fantasiesI cant scream for helpNo one will understand why im making such a noiseAnd iMaybeDon’t want them to leaveBecause its such a warm feeling to believe To imagine your whole painless life A perfect way of livingLiving the exact way i wantThey came with guestsBut in this water like reality Those guests have more to doThan to be on a fake tale Where they are important charactersJust like me My psychiatrist would understandAnd as well fill me with their dreamkillersThese sweet dreams Leave a sour, bitter taste in meYetMake me feel better than ever  Leaving me in a state of dreamingWith my very open eyesIf dreams are already scaryImagine living while dreamingA whole day, a whole weekA whole yearThey leave scars As they push their lies against the walls of my heartI don’t feel lonely  Hope wont work to make these dreams disappearIt just makes them grow bigger in my headAnd my eyes accept those liesAnd my mouth stays really quietAnd my feet keep pushing me forwardJust like timeYou cant stop itYou cant change itYet you can have these sicks thoughtsAnd wanting them to become your realityWasting your time    

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