I saw the way you looked at me, with need in your eyes

Desperate for me to come towards you, and to feel your flesh against mine

Every day that's what I've done, and what I had plan to do

But something changed, this last time I was with you


Averting your eyes, you moved away

Thinking I wouldn't notice your dismay

My reaching arm failed to bring you back

And in this reality, I wish you had cut me some slack


I am only one person, trying my best

You were the only one who truly needed me, and it was a relationship you dare not test

But I could feel you now, pushing me to the limit

Seeing how far I would bend and break, just to see if I'd turn timid


And I did, for I felt replaced and decieved

Ever since you made that new friend, I knew it'd be almost time for me to leave

And now I see you in front of me, giving me one more chance

With that stupid gun in your hand


Oh look, it's pointed at my head

Like I wasn't prepared to be dead

You know my sorrow, a little thing you just ignore

I thought we were two peas in a pod, and that one day we'd be more


Childish dreams that I must wake from I guess

I knew what I was doing, when I gagged your little friend, the mistress

With me behind her, ready to get rid of all our troubles

Just one tumble and it'd be over, all she had to do was rumble


I just want you to know, it was nice to be with you, throughout all this time

But it must already be the hour to sing my last lullaby

For I will not ask for forgiveness, when I know it cannot be given nor taken

So hurry up, just pull the trigger, so I can know that I was forsaken



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