Day 636 of 720

Dear Graduation Day,

I never thought I would see you.

You have been hidden long from me,

Waiting and watching as my minutes

Tick by slowly.

From the moment high school started

Four years ago

You have been hiding.

I never searched for you.

I knew that you would come out of hiding.


All things come to an end.


I would meet you.


I only hope that now, as the days draw ever closer,

As my final year dwindles down,

As I start to make my plan to move on after you,

That I can remember you when you leave me again.

I do not expect you to remember me,

For you see so many faces,

Year after year.

But please know,

I will never forget you,

Even if we can only be together

For just a day.

You are all I have wanted

For four long years,

But it is nearly time for me

To move on.

To be on my own.

To look forward to other days.

Thank you

For being my goal

For four phenomenal years.

With love and respect,

Dana J. Branstetter

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