Daughter of a Queen

Mon, 01/27/2014 - 20:56 -- k.todd


Daughter of a Queen


She is a child

With short curly hair

And big brown eyes that

Look at her mother with pride.


Her mother is queen and she will be too.

She practices by laying down

the law while standing in her highchair.

Her parents do not applaud.


She is now a young scholar,

a good friend, and daughter.

But above all she knows she is blessed,

by the only one who knows the future of her quest.


With her curly hair pulled back

she jumps at the world

with her morals and standards

learned from her mother and father

who just roll their eyes upward.


She knows what she wants

and is ready to get it.

She will challenge all objects

 That stand in her way;

a born go getter they say.


She thought she was a dancer

who rose on her toes;

not at all like her mother

who just swim swam swum.


O’ how she was wrong,

now a high school senior she sees

her mistake. She is very much like her mother;

more than any other. She is ready to commit

her life to the pool even

when she goes away to school.


Off to college not quite yet ready

to leave her home friends and family.

She sees strength in her mother’s eyes

but knows it will be hard to say goodbye.


She looks in the mirror

hoping to find

the love strength and pride

she still sees in her mother’s eyes.


In that mirror she sees a glimmer of what she hopes to be

A young adult with goals set in mind

she sets off on her own quest

to find the rest of her queen inside.


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