The Darkness of Light

Tue, 07/19/2016 - 12:22 -- ggdsmd


You always see it coming.

But when you're too dazed to see it, that's when it hits you the hardest, right in the heart.


Something only some people have experienced.

But the ones who have been hit, are the ones who know the most.


Isn't only all around's in us too, waiting to crush someone next.

Darkness in the richest of places can be released making them happy, but in me it is contained waiting days to be released.

Darkness....Darkness only the cryers of pain have felt.

But darkness has finally been contolled by me.

Darkeness....Darkness no longer affects me, but has thou made me whole.

Darkness....Darkness can no long creep to me but instead joins me to the game of living.

Darkness...Darkness is no living thing, but lies within us. But the Darkness in me, has become light.

This light no one can take from me. This light lies within me even more than the darkness had....this light had saved my life,  creating a new person almost as if being reborn...This light, is my true self.

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