The Darkness Inside

Sun, 11/30/2014 - 22:15 -- Jerico

A dark night

A house at the end of the road

Shades pulled and door closed

What lies inside the lonely home?

A poor boy all alone


When the sun resurrects

The boy too must show life

And hide his inside strife

His mouth speaks not of his trouble all the day

But rather paints a smile across his face


His past

The mountains he climbed

They left him scarred and feeling lonely all the time

Nostalgia grows deep inside


Heartache for the one he once held

Heartache for the one he once loved

For the one who once loved him

All make the light inside dim


He tries to forget

But his dreams won’t let

Wakes up in tears

Realizing his worst fear

They are no longer together

That he can no longer hold her


Flashbacks and day dreams

Poisons he cannot withhold

Darken his inside and makes him love her all the more


The door remains closed

To never utter the reason of his deplore

The windows remain closed

But the shades wide open

If only she came up to see

Up to the window and looked inside

Hopefully she’ll through his eyes

The pain and that all happiness has died


A bright full day

A boy surrounded by friends

Laughing and smiling: a pretend

smiles spread across his face

But inside remains

An empty dark space


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