Darkness Falls Around Me

In peaceful, safe surroundings, I live my daily life, filled with hope, free from tethers, I need to love and be loved, I demand trust, which accompanies the love, with these, surely, the good life will follow. Expectations grow in time, happy, nurturing, love without conditions, without boundaries, I venture out to fulfil my dreams, surely, I have the right to expect what you expect, are you my brother? Will you lift me up or hold me down? The dream must be mutual, we lift each other up, will we both dream the same dreams, will we rise together, as one, united, strong, do we dare? What will all the people say? Our strength is in our bond, let's secure each other, let's rise together, as friends, and as partners, the rocky road home stretches out before us, daunting, disheartening, fraught with many obstacles, shall we travel down this petulant road? Side by side? As equals? For my part, yes, today I offer you my outstretched hand, a sign of my commitment and my willingness to start yet again. You my friend must believe that change is possible, reach out, grab my open hand, accept my love and let the metamorphosis begin.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


Terrance Longtin

I'm a 62 year old white man. The whole black lives matter movement was lost on me, I didn't agree with the theme. I thought you have just as much of a chance as me for jobs, housing, cars. It took a while to penetrate my white brain, but it did and when it did, a whole different world opened up to me. I feel shame and remorse. I feel I must apologize. I'm sorry. I am changed. I am with you in your struggles, freely. God bless us all.

Terrance Longtin

This is a free verse poem as it relates to the "Black Lives Matter" movement. I think it is a positive poem and hopefully uplifting. I chose every word very carefully, please read it with that in mind.

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