Sun, 02/04/2018 - 00:44 -- Jelissa

 Since I was a little kid, I always had this feeling deep down inside

Dark deep emotion that kept me alive, as I even feared it 

Like roses growing old in a short span of time, thorns rose within me

Led me into a secret place, full of mist

I was alone , nobody there to help me

Its no secret what this disease does to you 

There is no cure , not even a cup of tea

The emotions are overwhelming, they fill me up inside 

Drive me to insanity , I just want to be sane!

Its a place where there was no escape, even if I tried

It keeps me up at night, I try to keep tame

What is in there keeps me locked away , away from all my loved ones

Its not my fault, it's not I swear!

It comes when im at my worse, it goes when I am in bed sleeping

It feels like a ball of darkeness taking over me

I feel helpless and fragile as one must be

Coping is key, thats what must be said 

Who believes those vainy lies ? Not me!

It is deeply and harshly taking over my body, I just let it be 

Depression is darkenss and unbearable as can be

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