The Darkness

As the darkness creeps up next to me I breathe, breathe, breathe...


As the darkness returns to my side, I struggle to breathe,

And I still don't know what the fuck it needs.

It can smell my heart as it continues to bleed,

So it starts the gnawing, the gnashing of the teeth.

I've tried to consult the written creed,

But the darkness continues to seethe;

With it, I've continued to plead,

Although of comprimising, it won't even dream.

I'm running out of time for my soul to be freed,

As the darkness has made me someone I can't bear to be.


As the darkness creeps up next to me I need, need, need...

I need to bleed,

I need to see,

I need to let it free,

So maybe I can finally breathe.


Jarred Shah



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