The Darkest Night

The darkest night

in the room alone we see

a small child left without a light

to be as he was meant to be


nothing left for the night

it’s day

we are all lost and away

the child is there

going out of his way to see and say

his piece


alone in the world that he hasn’t had time to experience

a childhood without family and he doesn’t have friends

the laziness of others and sadness in a sense

that the boy couldn’t stand anymore

was what he would see day in

and day out

in the stout days of old

he watched and waited

observing the world

he hated


The vile creatures in the night

that take away the brightest light

destroy it and change it to fit their agenda

beasts of the vilest sense


Those lights in the night have fallen

Conformed to fit in with the darkness

until they too lost their will to shine

this is what was


Now the light shines

The darkness has receded

the youth that was once abandoned has proceeded

in his plans to bring the light back to the darkness

and the night turned to day

in his own little way

he made a difference.


The youth had brought what was needed

a youthful rebellion

And he now shines bright

showing others to shine again

and the night turned into day.


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