A Darkening In Way

Wed, 11/27/2013 - 12:46 -- Roanoke


She’ll never be free
Not of pain, death, or me

But at least I don’t have to be 
Another reality
A frozen waste, filled with glee
Never knowing why we made heaven a purgatory

Don’t expect love from an animal
It loves only its way

Don’t expect care from a refugee
He was born to leave

In the end these are just more words 
And you have already succumbed to it
The darkening

The darkening, in its own way
Is here to stay

It will keep you cold when I am too far to hold you close
It will make you cry when I am no longer there to wipe the tears away
It will bear you to life with a rigidity, and with a serenity

Know you were always my love
Know I will always love you

But when paths diverge in a forest far ahead
It is sometimes of need to seek living ways of the dead

And when a Darkening is in Way
Know I never meant to shatter you

Only to break your heart

I may be what you want

But I am not, in any way, what you need.


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