Darkening Days


United States
41° 41' 6.4716" N, 83° 50' 12.1056" W

Pain comes in wallows

so follow with the swallows

I breathe this fire down your back and take you to the gallows,

forget you must, not love but lust

and all the roads you used to trust

a bloody knife still in your hand

you tracked him down

you found your man

Through the door you busted wide

vomiting your sense of pride

you stabbed and rived, you let it bleed,

and in His eyes, done a good deed.

Wake and eat you hungry child

bodies upon bodies piled

high enough to reach the stars,

but you pull back and feed your scars

blisters gaping, bruises shaping

look at all the mess your making.

Your smile now it grows much wider,

and in your mind you preach the choir,

insides turning, stomach lurching,

in your heart a fire burning,

sick with ashes from your greed

cmon make your fingers bleed

slowly drifting into madness,

on your face you show no sadness,

screams will keep you safe and warm

inside the bodies you have torn.


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