"Dark, Without Stars"

Fri, 05/03/2019 - 09:57 -- Mina626

The stars are bright tonight

And they’ve always seemed pretty

(To me, at least)

So I don’t understand

(Yet I love the time)

When the lights go out

And your jaded words are only about

Your world;

“Dark, without stars”


Tonight snow replaces the stars

The ones you never loved the way I do

Nights like this are the kind

Where you paint worlds with nothing

But words

And I can really see it how,

The stars and snow are gone now:

“Dark, without stars”


So we can sit here

And I’ll listen to you talk about your world which

(I know)

Is only a fantasy.

I don’t love the stars the way I used to.

It’s impossible for us to have a

“Dark, without stars”

If you’re here

For stars don’t love back

And your words brighten me

And your eyes shine brighter than any star I know.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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