The Dark vs. The Light


United States
42° 44' 55.1688" N, 76° 53' 42.558" W

I look deep within the mirror at myself.
My mind sinks and wonders into a place of utter darkness.
How my pain intensifies into complete depression.
The torture of past events replay from my childhood.
The darkness overwhelms me as I put the knife to my arm.
I try to think of better times.
Times of light filled with pure love and laughter.
I remembered the day my beautiful baby girls were born into this world.
The look of pure love in their eyes.
It starts to pull me away from the brink of death and complete darkness.
As I start to pull the knife away from my arm,
I remembered the day my girls took their first steps.
They needed no help and I felt completely proud of them.
The love flowed out from within.
I lowered the knife a bit further.
Then, I remembered the day I met the man of my dreams.
I don't ever remember a moment until then that my life felt complete.
My heart sank at what would not be if I ended my life.
The knife dropped to the floor.
I fell to the floor as tears filled my eyes.
What would have happened if the darkness overcame the light?
But then, I think why should it matter.
The light has overcome the dark.
I sit here on the floor only to feel serene,
As I wait in pure serenity!

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