Danger in Knowledge

If you were given a timer to the day of your death how would you spend the rest of your days
Trying to live life to the fullest with much haste
Or will you stay stuck in a daze
Now it ain't no way around it like a doughnut with extra glaze
Sticky situation as every second that passes you feel as if you decay
In the darkness of black and pure confusion of white they mix to become gray
As you can't look away from this timer your breaths become shorter drastic delays
As you sit and contemplate scream dream or pray
But we would all handle this a different way
Some people 
Would have no worries because they believe afterlife is a sequel 
Some would try to calculate the rest of their life fun minus reality dreading what it equals 
Some people will prosper and soar like an eagle
And others will go down a treacherous mountain or a steep hill 
This knowledge could drown even an organism with gills
Life is married to death from birth until death do us part
Could you imagine if a new born knew this and understood what it meant from the start 
Maybe everything they did would  be on point like a precisely accurate person who plays darts
Or stack up on their drug supply at their local mart
In the towns warehouse snuffing glue
Right around two
With their delinquent crew
Blind to their actions like they didn't eat the carrots in their stew
Isn't it funny what knowledge can do
Some can't even chew
Many cut up like cordon bleu
Some trip over it like the aglet of a shoe lace caressing the bottom of a shoe
And it intoxicates others like a 100 percent proof brew
And it's sagaciously utilized by a select few
Who are mellow and blue
And calmly and cleverly accrue
The knowledge that spewed
And laid in the confusing debris of the moist dew

This poem is about: 
Our world


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