Dang Can I Be Me ?

Dang Can I Be Me ? 

Born and given a name, an identity

 Already born with my life in the hands of someone else

Told What to do, how to dress, forced to go here and there

Am I your puppet, where are my strings

Dang Can I be Me?

I have to do this because I am a girl, because Im 8, 9, 10, 12, 17 years of age

Sit up stragiht, cross your legs, elbows off of the table

You are a young lady

Get in there and cook

Watch after your sister and brother 

Dang Can I Be Me? 

Play dumb so you can get his attention

You're not cool enough so go sit over there

Your shoes are cheap, you need to buy these

Dang Can I be Me?

He's the man so listen to his every word

Stay home and take care of his kids

Wash his clothes

Make sure his dinner is ready and the table is set 

Dang Can I Be Me?

Why can't I make my own choices

Why Do I have to do as he say 

Why can't I play football or be the head cheerleader

Do I have to sit here when my friend is over there

Why cant I wear what I want to wear and still feel pretty 

Can I just feel free

Where is my freedom

Will I get to make own choices in my life

Dang Can I Be Me?


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