The Dandelion Among the Roses

I see the things that they can’t see
And hear the yes and the no’s and the maybes
And the million hearts
That you bury
In your backyard
I gave you mine
Last week on a Monday
Only to see it posted in the hallways
Flyers flew around me
Of the letters signed by my name

Dear lover
My heart has been torn two
When I try to regret
In all fairness
You’re not the fairest
The dandelion among the roses
You hide among the bushes
And dress in the petals
Although the thorns prick you
You stay
They’ll one day choke you
And I hope you’ll find a way
To break from those chains

Bondage is a fools friend
But an enemy to the dreamer
I wish for the endless garden
To seek her
To search for miles in the pastures
To hear her laughter
To smell the fragrance
That teases my nose
Of the little sweet dandelion rose.
Signed, by my name



damm, that love..

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