Dancing Redbirds

Red birds dancing from branch to branch, their melodies filling the air,

Simple consciousness brings peace, love at it’s basic level of vibration,

All the while higher levels of beings surround and are filled with despair,

This is all unknown to lower levels of life whom are filled with elation,

For the generated frequency of elevated ascension and amplitude,

Brings closer to a dimension where awakening is paired with emotion,

You must be careful to be attuned to the positive spirit and mood,

It is the divinity within you where you will find the golden devotion,

Fear not as you move toward a different form of energy and ascension,

It is everyone’s path to experience and create with brilliance of individuality,

To conquer the ego and merge into the light composed of the greatest invention,

Growing the knowledge of all and experiencing the grace of blinding spirituality.

Derick Stinson




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