The Dancers in the Navy Sea

She pulled open the curtain


She had been writing all night

Her tear-stained eyes matched the morning dew that coated the outside world.

That twinkled and shimmered in the morning sunlight.

And something compelled her to stay and observe it all.

The tall oaks, the finches, the squirrels, the children in their games.

And it all rose up again inside her and shot all throughout her being

The pure bliss of life-

That she had been shown by some peculiar entity the night before.


It broke through that very window

Dressed in fine silks and feathers

Upon arriving, it noted what was significant in the room

Then stooped down besides the girl that lay in the little bed

And shook her awake.

She was never fully asleep to begin with

But she was just asleep enough to feel the strange internal shaking

The hand of the creature caused within herself.

She rose from her little bed

And saw it stand

Aloof and regal.

As if it was the most fitting body for that soul to inhabit


The creature beckoned to her

And when she joined its side

It pointed out the window and began to connect the stars with its finger

Which made it seem to the girl that the creature was there for a game of sorts

The girl was never the type for games

She was one of those self proclaimed mature types.

Who’s prior experiences led her to believe

That life was much easier if you’d bottle up feelings

Until they’d explode

Into a hot, boiling, mess on your fine carpet.


She had become very fascinated with the being itself.

She tried to understand it’s essence

Why it wore pure white robes lined with feathers

And why she could never catch a glimpse of its face even if she tried.

She was not afraid of it.

It seemed stupid and childlike in her eyes

The way it pointed to stars to show her

But never paid attention if she didn’t look.

She began to grow bored with it.

She so badly wanted it to speak


She grew so bored with the creature in fact,

She went back to bed.

Convinced the creature would be forgotten once she awoke

As dreams events often do

However, the creature remained

And continued to connect stars

Until it connected every last one in sight.

Once finished, it turned to the girl again.

And spoke, in a hushed and wise voice


“You are afraid girl, you need not to”

The girl woke with a start.

The creature again turned to the window and began to connect stars just as it did before.

“Each one of these stars shine with the potential you hold in your little heart

Every star is a life you change, a revolution you can start

If only you would let go”

Upon it’s saying this, the girl- possessed by some strange phenomena could not take her eyes off the stars

She noted how they seemed to dance a navy sea

She looked straight into the shining dancers

And felt her heart shed layer after layer of something she could not describe.


“Let go? Of what?”

The girl could now feel something swell up inside her, something that might explode.

“You are fearful child, fearful of your feelings, that they somehow make you worth less.

You think you are not worthy of the beauty the world could give.

You put up high walls, but there is no tower you can build.

That can reach those stars.”


The creature ended it’s game.

And turned to the girl.

Whose emotions had begun to burst in a way that contrary to previous experiences

Made her full of childlike awe and whimsy.

“There are many ways to communicate with those stars.

Many ways for different people

But for you… perhaps.. To start.

Perhaps write a letter to them?

They’d love to hear from you.”


“They are beautiful no?” it looked again to the stars

“Yes very” The girl replied.

She felt a tear go down her cheek, however, she still did not know why.

“There are many other beautiful things on this earth. Perhaps you could write to them too?”


She looked to the creature and thought about it’s words

She tried to understand, and comprehend

And as she thought about the creature for the thousandth time

It’s truth suddenly swept her away.

She recognized all she had done

All she had lost by putting her feelings aside.

By putting herself aside

Then she recalled the creature’s request.

To write letters to the beautiful.


She began to write of every feeling and every desire

Every hope and every dream

And as she wrote

She found she never saw the creature exit

For all she knew it stayed to watch.

But in that moment, all she knew was letters

Letters to the stars and the letters to the sea

And letters to hopelessness

And letters to happiness

And she let her feelings fall

In every word,

And every stanza

Until the sun rose.

And she stood out the window

And drew the curtain

And stayed there to observe it all.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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