Daily Habits

The hallway is very long.

The ceiling white and the floor is covered with a red and orange carpet.

Reminding me of the nights in the woods the calm fire keeping me warm

But the carpet’s fire looked far more disaterous and not so comforting.

However, there was a pull there that kept me attracted.

I shook my head and started walking.

My steps were closely followed by an echoe which made no since for the room is to narrow

With no end,

And the walls are covered with picture frames giving no way for sound to bounce off

and yet…

I looked close at the pictures they were of young child that appeared to be me.

I heard a quiet whisper, but when I turned there was nothing.

I continued with my walking

Trying to ignore the echoe of near by footsteps

And trying to lean my ear to the soft comforting voice.

Then a change in the room brought me back.

The temperature had gotten a lot hotter and the picture frames were empty.

Then I stopped walking

At least i thought I stopped. I still heard footsteps.

Then I realized they were not mine.

Turning around I ran

Trying to follow the steady rythem of the footsteps.

The whispering had stopped.

The picture frames showed, once more, my memories of happy blissful times.

The room had cooled down to a perfect temperature.

I took out the camera and it flashed there hung today’s photo.

I went to sleep to gain energy for the same will happen tomorrow,

Of course in a different way.

If the mouse is to smart for one trap you don’t keep trying with the same trap.

Instead you get one that you hope it will not expect.


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