Daddy's little girlOr, that's



Daddy's little girl
Or, that's how its supposed to be
But my daddy doesn't even like me
Nothing close to love
Which is just unconditional
Damn near pivotal for a girl
A growing woman
That feeling that comes from within
Knowing daddy will let you in
Because he loves you
Always accepting all your flaws
No conditions, no hidden clause
Because he's daddy
But mine's more like an enemy
Definitely no friend to me
So I flee to boys
Eager to see these girls like me
All alone, without their daddys
Outstretched arms waiting
Paitiently anitcipating
The inevitable breaking
Now a grown woman
Filled with the insatiable need
To simply feel love and be loved
They satisfy me
Fill the most secure parts of me
Providing that feeling, daddy.


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