Daddy's Little Girl


It's been 11 years since he dipped

Left me heartless

It's down rotting in life's bottomless pit


Wheels missing, I can't bring myself to trust

Now I'm emotionless

Incapable of mercy, lost sense of touch


Dependent on this paper and pen

To save me

Because God doesn't listen

So I have no religion

He hangs up my calls

Never wants to get involved

Maybe I'm just a lost cause

My life's moving too fast to press pause

And if I could, would I want to reflect on it all?

Mirrors show every trial, tribulation, and fall

I'm at the point of where I just want to crawl

Forrest Gump, without his braces

Not able to stand tall

If my life was a game

I fumbled the ball

Thank you Daddy

You made my soul harder than a brick wall

Eyes colder than Niagara Falls

With tears that don't come at all.


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