Daddy's Little Girl

Tue, 05/28/2013 - 20:50 -- Lajaam


United States
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August 10th, 1993 12:24 P.M beautiful girl is born.
Her first birthday is celebrated in the bowl-shape city, New Orleans. This year she goes under for surgery to fix her fingers. Daddy promises she will wake up.
Second birthday is her first experience of cake up her nose.
At three she decides to climb in the medicine cabinet and almost over-dose on Tylenol Motrin.
Fourth year is her first dance recital red leotard, red Santa hat, and black tap shoes.
Fifth year they cut into her side, take slivers of her pelvis to put into her finger. They finish 24 stitches in the finger and 18 in the side. She starts her first day of school with her new jumper and tennis shoe, pigtails and a huge cast on her arm. Daddy says your are still beautiful.
Sixth year is her last year in Oklahoma. In August, she looks up at the glorious Pikes Peak. She fails Mathematics and must repeat 1st grade, but Daddy says do-overs are necessary.
Seventh year her mommy says her and daddy are divorcing. He promised her this would never happen. Why now?
Eighth year is when she says goodbye to daddy in handcuffs, but Daddy says telling the judge will make this all go away, np but he lied.
Ninth year is the separation year; the little girl begins to learn how to understand her daddy is no longer there for her.
Eleventh year she finds out her dad has a new wife with a new little girl.
Thirteen year is the first year as a teenager and the last year she knows her father.
Fourteenth year she sees the sperm-donor, for her middle school graduation. He comes with with his new family, stays for 30 minutes.
Fifteen comes and it's the freshman year full of boyfriends, heartbreakers, best friends, and backstabbers. The only person she wants to impress is her father.
Sixteen comes and she can drive, but she is driving a wedge between her and her father. If he wants a relationship he can fight for one.
Seventeen hits and she is one year away from completely ditching the man in Colorado, but November her mom lays on her death bed. He survives, hitch is good because the man in Colorado would never want her anyway.
I am that little girl! I'm the daughter of you! I love you and all you want is my hate. Well I won't give you the satisfaction to see me cry myself to sleep every night.
I hope you know it was a mistake to leave mr because you hate my mom, but I am not all her. I am half of your blood too.
At least you cannot take that away from me.


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