My heart has always been soft,

But you made it softer,

For you were the bully,

The antagonist,

All my Life


When you were gone at work,

I used to miss you,

But now I don't


If you die,

I don't think I will cry,

Your harsh words and angered actions,

Always left me in the dark


You now put out false emotions,

For your heart is made of fire,

And all you do,

Is spread that fire,

To my brother


You hurt my mother,

So deeply so,

That she was never truly happy,

Always sad or angry,

Until she started getting a divorce


Your girlfriend slept over,

Why should I be tortured,

For I am your daughter,

Who should come before her


You have bought me items,

But they can not buy my love,

They only buy my disgust,

For the actions you have made,

Toward my mother


My mother never did anything,

To suggest you are bad,

Only said the little of good,

That can be said of you


Though I still love you,

The love is waning,

Like a rose that sheds tears,

Like those you gave to my mother


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