(Da fault)


 What is da fault? It's the shadow inside That bubbles to my outside and Blackens my face. It swells under--and tightens--my skin To show everyone the truth, how, It was me who killed in my denial of Da fault. Da fault was the corruption of a dream. Da fault was the fight over a hairbrush, a tarot card, an earring, my braces, her shoes, a church, a bracelet, a dad, a stepdad, a father, a birthday party, a picture, a play, another birthday party, a book, a room, a shower, a vacation, a crush, a friend, a bra, and a pair of scissors digging into my wrist. Da fault was the urgency in a smile. Da fault was the disease. Da fault was the way I wasted our time together And how I'll never, Ever,  Get it back.

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