Cynical Love

To feel your soul leave you, sucked away by some unknown void, watching it pull away, as your world goes black.


Your pupils swallow your irises till they are black holes, standing on the cliff of the canyon, looking down from love's gate.


Fall down and you will lose yourself, swallowed whole by love to the point of losing who you are, your identity, your life.


Turn back, but go back a changed person, not of this world, but not of the next; being in two places at once, but never belonging to either.


To choose, either love and death, or singularity and life, will drive you crazy, with nothing to push you into either direction. 


Close your eyes, feel which way your soul blows in the wind; down and over the cliff, taking that large leap of faith, or will you turn back, towards favorable self winds?


Close your eyes, and let your soul make the decision, because you mind will only tell you what is analytically best, your heart will only tell you what is emotionally best, but your soul...your soul will drive you into the truth.


Make a decision, before the wind makes the decison for you.


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