The Cycle of a Heartbreak

They'll look you in the eyes, "I'm different, please believe me",then they'll break you down,like mississippi in a spelling bee. You give someone your all,& tell them demonstrate what you can do. Then they blow & make you fall, just like dominoes do. You pick yourself up,and pretend it's all okay.Head to bed early,to sleep your tears away. Something in your heart tells you you deserve better,but no matter what anyways says,your head bounces back n' forth,soccer header.  Soon enough,You start with someone new,Time starts to slow down...your heart still melts,but not nearly as profound.  You wanna regrow your wings,you've had enough of this,Time for a change,butterfly metamorphasis.You free yourself from your worries..& extricate your doubts,Attempt to leave the past behind,And gradually seek your future out.

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