The Cycle Goes On

Thu, 10/22/2015 - 23:28 -- DBowlin

She screams

He hears

Her words are full of tears.

She cries,

He lies,

All of their meetings are full of goodbyes.

There's hurt,

There's pain,

There's "PLEASE, don't leave me's" again.

The cycle continues,

The cycle goes on,

Never ending.

The cycle STAYs strong.

Turning, yearning, around WE go,

Where this cycle might FINALLY end is unknown.

They reach a point where they THINK IT'S THE ONE.

BUT someone walks away, and the cycle continues on...

Their minds are full of 'Why's'

And 'What did I do wrong's?'

THEY lie down at night listening to sad songs.

Their minds ARE turning,

Replaying the memory in their heads,

They're full of yearning for the dreams they have in their beds.

They wonder what they did,

Or where it went WRONG,

And when they try to find Love again,



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