The Cycle

The          roots  

of the cycle are not fear, but hate. The overwhelming urge to rule the world  

          over those who have tried to silence us in the past but no more. The underlying desire to pull that trigger, to prove once and for 

all that I am good enough. I can't think with my heart,  otherwise that will get me killed. But my heart tells me to 

stop, to fight back against these urges and break the cycle. But I cant. My inner darkness tells me to pick up the gun,

the anger inside me growing every moment. But what will that do.  

The moment                        that            trigger 

is pulled is the moment     my life           goes  

down under. The                  first                  few  

moments are relief,         satisfaction,          and  

Power.                                                           But  

the moment their heart stops, mine is soon  

to follow. The cycle of violence  

was created to power our 

inner darkness and  

strip away our humanity.  

But those who go  

against it, will soon 

be swallowed into  

the world's hate.  


This poem is about: 
Our world


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