The cry of a dying soldier to fatherland

 Oh how I wail at wrong done upon me For the same people who I am meant to protect killed me Even with my gun between my arms I didn’t shoot all for the love I have for them  Tell my father’s land the gruesomeness of their act upon his dying sonFor love so struck in my heart made me blind towards their wicked nature  Oh my fathers land corrupted beyond repair with its once honey land as dry as the Sahara to the ends of its beginning now filled with the blood of the innocents  Tell my father land just as I had faith to serve thee I have faith in the future of its tomorrow, for tomorrow will brings its flowers to blossom like the cedar of LebanonI have faith in  a better NIGERIA. Written by Arphazard Mary Atese Ashinjo For the men(soldiers) who sleeps on the road in service to this nation..

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