The Cry Babies Plea

I live among the dead yet I am no better.

I lie awake at night dreaming of a better tomorrow.

The tears I cry whether of sorrow or pity are genuine and painful.

As a believer I say i know what’s right and wrong.

But I looked down on those who cried out like I haven’t already.

As I am living to die the poor souls are dying to live. 

Who amongst us is really living we own nothing but want everything. 

Every soul whether confessed or not loves life but the person who hinders us is not the devil,

It is us. 

We make our own destinies with the choices we make

We choose the devil with diamonds in his hand over god who holds everything we need in his. 

I don’t believe that there are failures only those who fall short of gods glory. 

But the more we desire the more the devil creates.

Every time we want something sweet he bakes a pie made of the hopes and dreams buried deep in our souls.

We must remember that the devil knows our desires but not the plans 

God has in store. 

He could never be him and we mustn’t ignore if you feel even for a second something is wrong with God that’s the devil walking though doubts open door.  

You are not anything


God will make you everything in his eyes and if you don’t believe me 

Cry one good time. 

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